Comprehensive Library

Well-equipped library with over 1000+ books. It’s an opportunity to boost the learning skills as per students’ interests.

Advanced Learning

We focus on supporting your child in the learning of ever-increasing computer progressions and essential competencies of the digital era.

Excellent Infrastructure

We provide an appropriate and interactive learning environment. State of the art classrooms with ample amount of space.

E-learning Technology

We undoubtedly make learning comfortable and simple through portable projectors, compatible computers, & audio-visual aids.

Successful Establishment

We as the Emmanuel Mission School have the lifelong quest to scatter the excellent education. Emmanuel Mission School commissioned in the year 1992. It was the first English medium school in this premises.

It was the time when we have faced countless trials and tribulations. The beginning setbacks and challenges never a concerned to those who have tremendous faith in their dream. During the initial days, we used to run the school in the various rented buildings in Anta.

With God’s almighty support, we purchased land to establish the school. Our sole purpose behind the establishment of Emmanuel mission school is the lifelong quest to scatter the excellent education. With the commitment, prudence, and with a visionary approach we established this school. We shifted to the new building in the year 2008.

In the same year, we got secondary affiliation from Rajasthan board. We have produced a spectacular result in all board exams in the last academic year. The school is conveniently located in Mirza Colony, Station Road, Anta to offer best-in-class education in the Rajasthan.

Meticulous attention

The prestigious school artfully arranges exclusive sessions for the typical students requiring significant attention. Some kids do genuinely need extra time, proper recognition and divine guidance to enhance their academic performance. We conduct sessions to improve the child’s self-awareness, judgment, and vision to glance at the available opportunities.

  • To educate, instill and impart the education.
  • To bring education to the downtrodden areas.
  • No child goes unschooled was the motto of our chairman.

  • To create an environment where teaching and learning will be fun and valued, and where growth and accomplishments are encouraged and celebrated.
  • To create an environment where students achieve their high potential through academic, social experiences, cultural experiences, and sports.
  • To help students to develop lively, enquiring minds and to acquire knowledge that will equip them for lifelong learning.
  • To encourage students to understand spiritual and moral values. We develop confidence and self-reliance in students which would help them to manage new challenges.
  • To create awareness of the World in which we live. We teach them to appreciate the interdependence of people and Nations.


25+ Years of Experience


100% Result in board exams


2000+ No of Students Studied


2000+ Satisfied parents



News and Announcements

August 4, 2019

Measles-Rubella (MR) vaccination campaign (5th August)

There will be a vaccination campaign of Measles-Rubella in our school tomorrow (5th August).

The Measles-Rubella campaign is a part of global efforts to reduce illness and deaths due to measles and rubella/control rubella/congenital rubella syndrome (CRS) in the country. Measles immunization directly contributes to the reduction of under-five child mortality, and in combination with rubella vaccine, it will control rubella and prevent CRS.

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First Terminal Examination (Classes Nursery to 8) starts from 20th August
August 4, 2019

The fear of exams makes anyone skip a heartbeat, thinking of the never-ending long syllabus, the textbooks to read, the notes to be covered and many more things on line. Eventually, it takes over the overall time, which you could have actually spent the time on learning.

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