• We do not discriminate between students on the basis of their caste, creed, religion, socio-economic background, intellectual and physical ability, We also believe that the school’s role is to provide exposure to a wide variety of activities. Keeping this in mind, we have regular sports, music, art, craft, dance, etc. activities and ensure that every student participates.
  • Books for the primary section are kept in the school to decrease the burden of bag. We have created ample space in the class-rooms to store books and stationery of all the Please do not expect students to bring all books and note books home every day. Students from primary section bring only that subject’s book home, for which HW has been assigned.
  • Sports are a compulsory activity every day for all students .The school has a system of physical training process that aims to make each child physically fit and This involves rigorous training in the gymnasium , field and swimming pool.
  • We do not encourage rote learning We believe in having scientifically proven methods where the child learns without mugging up.
  • The school uses English as the medium of instruction.


  • Admission is granted only when there is an existing vacancy and on the basis of the child’s performance during Interaction / Test, as per school norms.
  • If Parents agree to fully abide by the ‘School Rules & Regulations’, along with the given ‘Fee Structure’ for the academic year, then only their ward shall be considered eligible for admission.
  • Once the child is granted admission to the school, it is requested that the Parents must be vigilant to abide by the Rules & Regulations of the school / Payment of Fees on time w.r.t. the Fee Structure -as it is now or as may be amended from time to time / year to year.
  • Admission of the child without TC form in original (previous school/ previous class) & other required documents shall be deemed as Provisional Admission and is liable to be cancelled unless all mandatory documents are submitted within a month from the date of admission.
  • For safety and security reasons, only students who are staying with their parents or legal/local guardians are allowed to attend school. Students are not allowed to live in hostels/hotels/paying guest accommodation etc.


  • Annual Fees are to be paid in four installments – due in the months of July, Oct, Jan, April.
  • Fees must be deposited in the designated Bank upto the 10th of the month. Five days grace period will be given after which Fees paid shall invite a late fee as per schedule.
  • Transport facility if availed by the parent for their ward, shall be withdrawn in case fees is not paid till the end of quarter in which Thereafter, if fees is not paid, the child shall not be allowed to attend the school and parent shall be advised to withdraw their child from the school.
  • Fees/Charges once paid will not be refunded or returned.
  • Fees/ Charges I Deposit are subject to revision from time to time and Parents may expect a Fee hike roughly related to the rise in the cost of living index.
  • In case a child is seeking admission in between the academic session the Fees shall be payable as follows:
  • For the previous months – The fees for the previous months shall also be payable in full, except in cases where the child has studied in a Recognized School earlier and paid the Fees there and produces the original receipt of fees payment for those previous months.
  • Fees shall be deposited in the designated bank only through cheque or any other digital mode. The banker as well as the school will not accept any Cash against deposit of fees.
  • If Fee cheque is dishonored due to any reason, Bounce charges @ Rs. 200/- per cheque shall be charged and the new cheque, with latest Late Fee charges added, shall be payable at the Bank.
  • The School has made arrangements for transportation of students to and from School which can be availed, if, desired. Buses cover most areas but the seat is not guaranteed in the buses. Though utmost care is taken, the School shall not be responsible for any mishap or lost/damaged property on board the buses.
  • Children who discontinue the School Bus in April shall not be permitted to join later in that No change in route/stop is permitted unless it is due to a permanent change in residence.
  • Parents shall not be permitted to opt out of this facility for their child, once it is functional, in the middle of a session, unless there is a change of residence whereby the School Transport may not be
  • School Bus shall be provided on first come first serve basis and for those on regular routes
  • As far as possible, every effort shall be made to pick up and drop Nur to Class-I children at the door steps. However, due to the location constraint if it is not possible to drive the vehicle at the door steps, the parent shall be required to co-operate to drop & pick up the child at the nearest place.
  • Students from Class 2 onwards shall be required to reach the scheduled stop at least 5 minutes before scheduled departure of the bus.
  • Children (morning) and Designated Guardian (afternoon) should be present outside the main gate/ at the stop when the bus Drivers shall not blow the horn nor shall they wait for more than 15 seconds.


  • School Uniform is an identifying outfit worn by members of an organization. All students of a School wear School Uniform that has the same design, color pattern and cloth.
  • In order to avoid monopoly & in the interest of the parents, school has left the choice with the parents to purchase the uniform from wherever they please.
  •  School has not authorized any shopkeeper in the market & if any shopkeeper is claiming that then he is misrepresenting the facts.
  • In case of any doubt about colour, cloth or logo parents are welcome to check the sample uniform available with the school.
  • School Jerseys, Jackets and all other articles should carry the name & class of the student.
  • Responsibility of making sure that children do not wear wrong, untidy, shoddy clothes, shoes and socks and maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness lies with the Parents.


  • Parents wishing to withdraw their ward from the School, for any reason, must do so by filling up the Form for Withdrawal Merely telling the Principal I Teacher I Clerk casually shall not be accepted as intimation to the School by the Parents. Preparation of Leaving Certificate shall take at least 5 working days.
  • Fees I Charges due for the quarter, on the Date of Application I Date on which T.C. is required, whichever is later, shall be applicable.
  • CAUTION – Parents who do not wish their wards to continue in the next ‘Academic Session’ (w.f. 01 April) MUST apply for T.C.well in time – BEFORE 15 March – failing which ‘Fees due in April’ shall be chargeable.


  • Parents may see the Principal I Vice Principal /Director, only if urgent, on any working day between 12.00 pm to 01.00 pm, by appointment Parents are advised not to come to the school at any other time.
  • Parents shall also not visit the residence of or telephone a Teacher/ Principal I Vice Principal or Director for petty reasons/information.


  • Circulars sent by the School must be studied carefully and acted upon as early as possible.
  • Whenever a Proforma is sent for some information to be filled in and returned to the School, with Parents’ signatures, the same must be done as per the instructions.
  • The School Calendar that is issued to all the students contains a lot of information about Holidays, Activities, Exams, PR Cards, Please go through it regularly.


Parents are requested to fill up the blanks on the top cover of the diary -with a change of address / tel. no. when so warranted. BOTH PARENTS must sign on the top cover. Also, please follow the instructions therein.


  • CW/HW is mentioned in the SCHOOL DIARY and also uploaded on School App on regular basis for parents convenience.
  • Parents may help I guide the child and help him I her out of certain difficulties at times. Spoon feeding and rote practice must be avoided.
  • We do not believe in burdening the child with HW and considering the same Home Work is given in a graded manner.


PR Card is given as per schedule given in the School Calendar. Parents are requested to review the PR Cards, sign it and return itwith the child the very next day. Parents are also requested to see the Principal I Vice Principal concerned, by appointment,in case,parents are not satisfied with the performance of their ward.


  • Students arriving after Assembly shall not be allowed inside the School without written request of the Parents who drop their ward outside the School Gate and rush away shall be solely responsible for their ward’s security.
  • Also, students are not permitted to go early. They may only do so if one of the Parents comes to the School to personally take charge of their ward.
  • Students shall not be handed over to drivers/servants/relatives unless requested by the parents.

14           ABSENCE

  • Parents must inform the School in case the child has to abstain from the School for any reason.
  • The leave letter written must be signed by the parents, for the absence.
  • A Medical Certificate must accompany for more than 6 days sick leave.
  • Pupils suffering from any infectious/contagious disease must complete the quarantine period before joining the Long leave for a child must be applied for in writing & got sanctioned from the Principal.
  • The name of a child, absent from the School for a period of 15 continuous days, without prior sanction from the Principal, may be struck off the School Rolls.
  • Absence of a child during the few days before I after BREAKS and before I during TESTS shall be viewed seriously.



  • Parents must see the Principal immediately after the child is reported for gross misbehavior (foul language, beating I hitting I pushing I tripping I bullying another child, throwing stones, any damage to School property I Littering; utter disregard I disrespect of Staff I School rules and system ). A child may be suspended from the School for such offences.
  • The Principal I lncharges have the authority to inflict such punishment as may be deemed
  • A pupil leaving the School premises during the School hours, without valid permission, is liable to be punished.
  • School authorities reserve to themselves the right to ask the Parents to withdraw a child, who, in their opinion, is not amenable to correction or whose actions can pose a danger to other students.
  • Rendering false or misleading information or withholding correct information may disqualify or lead to cancellation of admission I continuation of the child in this school.


Students who have birthdays are allowed to bring 2 toffees/ 1 small chocolate only to be given per person. No other gifts are allowed. No chewing/bubble gum should be distributed. The toffee should be of a dependable brand so that there is no chance of toxins being ingested.


All articles brought/worn by the pupil to the School MUST bear his I her name on them (books, bag, handkerchief, tiffin box, jersey, and other sports material, socks and shoes. This helps in identification if any item is misplaced.


  • Students should not bring extra things.
  • Any student found with Mobile Phones, CDs, USB sticks, MP3 players, Sunglasses, Cameras, Smart Watches, shall have the article confiscated on a non-returnable basis.


Parents sometimes send their wards to School even if they are not well. Parents have to come to School to pick-up their ward if he/she is sick.


Though the School takes utmost care, yet it will not hold itself responsible for any injury to the child, or any mishap, during the child’s journey to the School and back, during any trips & excursions and during the child’s stay in the School.


The School regularly updates important information on its website /School App / E-mail / SMS /  Facebook official page. Please ensure that the School is immediately intimated of any change in your mobile no.



Classes Nursery – I               Informal Assessment

Classes II-V                           Formative Assessment

Classes-VI to XII                  As per R.B.S.E. guidelines

  • As per the process of CCE, the system of assessment is also di We do not have announced assessments upto class V. From class VI onwards, remodeled assessment structure is followed as per CBSE guidelines.(Subject to change as per CBSE directives from time to time)


  • Book list for all classes has been uploaded on the school App and the same is available at school office .
  • Text Books may be purchased from anywhere.
  •   The school has not authorized any shopkeeper in the market & if any shopkeeper is claiming that then he is misrepresenting the facts.


Parents are advised to motivate their children for self studies and avoid taking help from Tutors or joining any coaching classes.