“Education is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child. Emmanuel Education will help you discover your child’s greatest gifts.”



 ⦁ Receiver of Padmashree, 2001,
 ⦁ Mother Teresa Memorial National Award for Social Justice,
 ⦁ Mahatma Gandhi Award,
 ⦁ Faith Award,
 ⦁ Visionary 2002 Award,
 ⦁ Good Samaritan Award and Joshua 1:8 Award of Excellence



Late Archbishop Dr. M. A. Thomas (14th Oct. 1936 – 04 Dec. 2010)
‘A man of Compassion.’
(Promoted to glory)
Founder Chairman,
Emmanuel School Society,

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Emmanuel Greetings!

We are blessed to have the opportunity to serve you by looking after the physical fitness, mental growth, alertness, emotional sensitivity and spiritual awakening of your dear child.
Formal education was not something that Dr. M. A. Thomas adopted well as a child. His father, understood the importance of a solid foundation of learning and insisted that he continues to study. In time his grades improved as well as his appreciation for the education he received. He also cleaved to the knowledge that “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of the wisdom.” It is the principle that has guided him along a very exciting pathway in life.
Believing in God-given vision, he opened the first Emmanuel Mission School in 1967. From that small beginning with one school, today by the grace of God we can establish many more Emmanuel Mission Schools in various parts of our great Nation. He sincerely considered it a profound privilege to participate in the development of our Nation’s children. He wanted to see that students in Emmanuel school grow beyond academic excellence. More importantly, Emmanuel Mission Schools also focus on spiritual, physical growth of each child, developing leaders for tomorrow by teaching them to serve their families, communities, and Nation in the spirit of love.
We desire to instil in your ward an urge for a continuous quest for love, beauty, truth, faith, knowledge, and justice in everyday life. But it needs no mention that this noble aim cannot be achieved without your co-operation. We value your input as a parent/guardian. To have a better future, we need to educate the children of today.
Thank you for showing your Interest in Emmanuel Mission School.
We assure you that we will provide the Excellence in Education that you are searching for your dear child. We thank you for choosing Emmanuel Mission School.

Emmanuel = God with us.
May God Almighty bless India and all its citizens. In Emmanuel’s wonderful name!
No child goes unschooled