The school offers high-quality education for Pre-primary, Primary, and Highschool students.


At Little Champs Nursery School, we attribute importance to learning along with fun. We help pupils to explore new things essential for personal growth.

We help your pupil in the following ways: 

  • Experience the abundance of life by speaking and reading
  • Explore new things essential for personal growth
  • Encourage to improve skills of drawing, music, pictures, playing with numbers
  • Earn the power to fulfil the physical, emotional, and spiritual requirements


At our Primary School, we encourage the student to explore and develop a variety of skills to persist in competition. We inspire and enhance the child’s inherent abilities.

How we help your child?

  • We offer an inspiring and productive knowledge of multiple languages, mathematics, science and technology, social studies
  • We conduct language courses to build a strong communication
  • We conduct group activities and exercises to enhance children’s capability to serve beyond all levels
  • We offer extensive exposure to enhance the co-curricular activities to build self-confidence and self-discipline.

Highschool (STD 9-10)

At Highschool, our holistic and experiential approach balances the international outlook with local relevance. We empower students to become a responsible global citizen.

Our holistic and experiential approach boosts

  • Creative thinking
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Curiosity
  • Overall performance

How do we help students?

  • Conduct high levels of coaching programmes that empower learning, critical thinking, and research abilities.
  • Curriculum activity intensifies the decision making and hands-on expertise.
  • Embed innovative approaches to ease the learning.
  • Nurture the student’s life by offering favourable circumstances to pursue their varied interests.
  • Accomplish the overall personality the child to become a responsible global citizen.


We welcome and support every student to gain knowledge and skills to promote sustainable development. At Emmanuel School, we are helping the students to exceed the boundaries of academic and curriculum challenges. We have an education-friendly environment where we encourage students to ask questions, search deep, emphasize, predicate, and cooperate.

We have designed our curriculum specially for the following purpose:

  • To satisfy the demands of the present times.
  • To advocate human rights, gender equality, promoting a culture of peace and non-violence.
  • To provide a more in-depth understanding to achieve the fullest success in their chosen area of interest.
  • To foster deep analytical thinking and productive problem-solving.


We at Emmanuel Mission School, believe in a value-based education that works with core values.

Our fundamental, positive values quickly liberate teachers and students from the stress of confrontational connections, which clears valuable teaching and learning process.

We are actively engaged in a values-based approach to nourish people in discovering the very best of themselves and become the good citizen.

Value-based education is essential because:

  • It creates a healthy educational environment
  • It improves students’ academic accomplishment
  • It builds a long-lasting social relationship
  • It provides the bits of intelligence and attitudes


Quality Education is a basic and a significant factor in the development of every child. It concretes the foundation of peaceful and inclusive societies.

Quality education is the essence of life that influences the student by enabling their characters, skills, and expertise to live a satisfactory life within society.

At Emmanuel school, we believe quality education grows with time and relates to social, economic and environmental conditions. Our quality education establishes full potential in the child to become economically productive, peaceful and enhance personal well-being.


Every student is talented but to stand different, outstanding and become a master requires proper guidance. Mentors play an influential role in improving the potential of every student.

We have the highly dedicated and talented teaching staff in the form of classroom teachers, special education teachers, and other teachers to work with students. Our team makes students capable of becoming self-reliant and productive to furnish the needs of society.

Our experienced and trained teachers consistently strive to develop fundamental virtues of life as confidence, curiosity, courtesy, and courage.